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Acquisition has engineered a bright future for Leicestershire firm


Acquisition has engineered a bright future for Leicestershire firm

Automatic Engineers, based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, has been acquired by TGM Partners, a firm that specialises in the acquisition, transition and growth of owner-managed businesses.

TGM bought the business from Steve Evans, who started with the firm as an apprentice. The company has been manufacturing components for the aerospace, automotive, rail, energy and renewables sectors for more than 50 years.

AutomATIC Engineers - Original TeamTGM co-founder Eric Kolodner added: “We are extremely pleased to add Automatic Engineers into the TGM group, which, along with another recent acquisition, will bring our total annual revenue to almost £25m.

“The business will continue to operate from its existing premises and all staff will keep their jobs, to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for employees, customers and suppliers.”

As well as Automatic Engineers, TGM has also recently acquired Barnsley’s Vesseltec UK, an engineering firm specialising in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels for the pharmaceutical sector and other industries.

Fellow TGM co-founder Jon Frewin added: “These two acquisitions will underscore our four-year track record of providing attractive exit solutions to long-term owners of SMEs in the engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Automatic Engineers New Acquisition“These acquisitions allow us to expand our scope of manufacturing/engineering capabilities and services across a broader set of sectors and customers, including serving an increasing number of blue-chip corporates.

“Our flexible approach to acquisitions is reflected in both deals; the seller of Automatic Engineers is looking to transition out of the business quickly, while at Vesseltec, the seller is planning to continue providing services to the company for the foreseeable future.

“In the coming months, we will provide training to develop the skills and careers of relevant staff members, which reflects our focus on continuity, stability and growth of our acquired businesses.”

The deals were supported by Mark Roberts, of Achieve Corporation, who was the corporate finance adviser to the sellers for the Vesseltec sale, and James Clinghan and Mike Asquith of Trusted Business Partner Ltd, who provided valuable corporate finance assistance to TGM on both transactions.

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New General Manager for Automatic Engineers

New General Manger for Automatic Engineers


AUTOMATIC ENGINEERS (HINCKLEY) LIMITED would like to welcome Dave Thompsell to the AEHL Team. Dave has accepted the position of Sales and General Manager and will be responsible for making our current customer relationships stronger and establishing new customers in new industries.

Dave has many years experience in precision engineering as well as precision engineer sales and has a devotion to quality and customer satisfaction.

Based in Hinckley, Automatic Engineers‘ reputation was built on producing high precision subcontract components in small and large batches with a relentless focus on quality and customer service in such industries as Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Power Generation, Motosport, and Military along with many others.

AEHL’s Quality Accreditations include both BS ENISO 9001:2008 and Aerospace approval AS 9100 REVISION C which is a prestigious approval and one that makes us extremely proud and reflects the importance our business places on quality.

Contact Us today on 01455 632 751 or at to discuss your precision engineering requirements.

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